Allstars Gentleman's Club


The Main Room

Enjoy the quiet comfort of our premium VIP area with the best in what we have to offer. From personalized TVs to the luxurious seating behind privacy glass, our perks are here to create the ultimate experience. Memberships are available for our dedicated customers. You can also buy a bottle of your favorite champagne or liquor to have a great experience for a night and enjoy all your favorite entertainers.

Membership Pricing:

  • $500.00 For 1 Year
  • $1500.00 For Lifetime
  • $250.00 For 6 Months

The Upper Level

The Upper level is a more open atmosphere, with the same amenities as our Skybox added with the feel of the club. It features perfect seating for any type of party. Any bottle of our champagne or liquor will give you an invitation to a night of great experiences.

The Purple Room

Come behind curtains for a more exotic setting with the club feel of the music. The Purple room features 2 big screen TVs to enjoy all your sporting events. Enjoy the luxury of great seating with high back couches and as many of your favorite entertainers as you like. You can also have this room all to yourself or book a party If you would like to book the room for a party. Contact 210-593-0576210-593-0576 for details and pricing info.


  • $30 Weekdays
  • $40 Weekends

The Personal Booth

Enjoy the true privacy of a one-on-one encounter with any of our beautiful entertainers. For one price, any and as many entertainers for a night as you like. The Personal Booth features private divided booths with very comfortable seating and a divider wall to enter the club. Sit back, relax, feel the music and slip into ecstasy.


  • $25 Weekdays
  • $30 Weekends